• Jason Baxter

Hopefully All Their Answers Will Be Palindromes: Local band (and frequent Stranger conflict-of-interest-inspirer) Tacocat will be doing a Reddit AMA on Easter Sunday at 3pm Seattle time. For more information on the day of the AMA, visit Tacocat's Facebook page or go straight to the AMA homepage.

Guess Which Young Seattle Director Was Just Named a Drama League Fellow? The Drama League (that name conjures up so many images: an organization for excitable people, theater nerds in superhero costumes, blog comments about $15/hour) has announced its 2014 fellows, 11 young directors selected for the year-long program. On that list: Caitlin Sullivan, the artistic director of Satori Group who's been selected (with three other fellows) for the NYC-specific track. Sullivan has directed some of our favorite productions in the past few years, including Fabulous Prizes and reWilding. The award is good timing for Satori Group, too: Their next show, Returning to Albert Joseph, is co-directed by Sullivan and Alex Matthews and opens in two weeks. Congratulations to Caitlin and to the whole ensemble.

Poetry Fame and Fortune Awaits: Beloved local poetry publisher Copper Canyon Press is accepting submissions through May 1st. If you think your work is worthy of the best poetry publisher in America, you should spit-polish your manuscript and send it on in.

Un-Blurbing: Gary Shteyngart is resigning from the blurbing business. More or less.

On Last Night's Portlandia: Amazing Gay Dan Savage and Disappointing Gay Josh Homme (the latter of which is disappointingly familiar).

Speaking of Dubious Familiarity: The creator of the dance film Girl Walk//All Day is happy that Pharrell Williams is such a fan of her work: