In a story headlined "Rick Perry’s extreme makeover," Politico's Katie Glueck writes:

It’s impossible to exorcise the memories of 2012. But Rick Perry is going all out to present a new and improved version of himself — the swaggering big-state governor of old, with a dash of seasoned wise man thrown in...His carefully choreographed, so far gaffe-free reintroduction has two overriding goals: First, to remind voters of the Rick Perry who is the longest-serving governor in Lone Star State history, a political juggernaut who won 10 straight elections before stumbling in the national spotlight. And second, to get voters to forget, or at least not dwell on, his disastrous 2012 presidential bid.

Hmmm. Bold plan. Daring. But will it work? You can only answer that question with another question: Is YouTube still working? It is?

Yeah, when it comes to national political ambitions Rick Perry doesn't have a Creamsicle's chance in hell.