Chris Christie Says New Jersey Is Better Than Colorado Because Pot Is Illegal in New Jersey


I've been to New Jersey.

My grandmother grew up there and my mom was born there.

Figures a tax-subsidized Taker like Christie would say that.
People flying to your airport?!! (Denver's is one of my favorites) Oh, dear! Tourists coming to your state?! This is terrible! Haha! He's gonna change some minds for sure.
Yes prisons overflowing with non-violent drug offenders, that's what 'quality of life' is all about.
One does not think of New Jersey for quality of life. One thinks of a giant garbage dump. I have never smelled a worse stench than New Jersey.
Yah, screw da' pot, we gots legal gamblin' here in Joisey - soo much bettah!
Guess he doesn't need Colorado's electoral votes.

Fortunately, we can still vote for him because he didn't criticize Washington State.
Christie is already a laughing stock for so many reasons. Another one sure don't hurt though.
I've lived in the nicer parts of Jersey, and the nice parts of Colorado. I don't think New Jersey should really be comparing itself to CO if it wants to come out favorably.
I don't mind people flying here (to Colorado) to get high, as long as they don't stay. I don't want Denver turning into another Austin.

/Love Austin, but man is it crowded there!
@4 You're a moron. We certainly have our issues here in NJ but we actually have one of the better quality of life ratings in the country. We also have beautiful parks, forests, farms, beaches. etc. That being said, I'd take Colorado for the mountains and the now legal herb any day of the week.

I'm sorry if you drove down the part of the Turnpike that runs through the refineries but I assure you only a few square miles smells like that. Surely this isn't a difficult concept to understand.
When I moved to Denver 40 years ago, you could get in a car and drive in any direction for 20 minutes and be completely out of the city. Try that today and you'll still be stuck in a traffic jam. Colorado already has too damned many people.
Pot is illegal, but you can get high driving 95 from New Brunswick To New York from all the oil refinery fumes.
Folks with disposable income flying into Denver to buy heavily taxed product? Bad.
Busing old ladies into Atlantic City casinos to fleece them of their pensions? Good.

At least we understand Christie's moral system.
"Legalizing pot would put our picturesque mafia out of business. Where would Jersey be without our 'Johnny Two-Toes' or 'Smitty the Fish'?"
he has to say shit like that. he ain't rand paul.
Considering that marijuana is one of the top three "black market" businesses, NJ is totally missing out. CO made $2M in the first month, well above estimates.

But then Christie probably prefers cocaine anyway, so it doesn't matter to him. MUCH more money to be made shuffling coke around.
Jersey, Mafia, chemical factories and casinos. Colorado, cowboys, clean air and skiing.... stereotypes gotta start from something....
he's grasping at joints.

he's desperate, alright. who can blame him. he's going out so fast he's on roller skates.