In this police report, authored by Officer Nina Jones, a situation that began well ended very badly. Let's see what happened.

Officer Jones writes that a woman was walking a dog (a black Russian terrier) at a location near North 50th Street and Woodland Park Avenue. Also walking a dog (a tan golden retriever) in this area was a man. When all four were close, the two dogs began to wag their tails and "greet each other." Everything was just going great. The dogs were friendly and their owners were happy about this friendliness. This was one of the pleasures of walking this kind of animal. But then a dark unknown appeared and—just like that—exploded the friendly encounter into a vicious fight. The dogs attacked each other for no reason that the humans could understand. One moment, they were sniffing each other; the next, they were going at each other's throats. The utter violence of the animal kingdom was bared in their teeth. The man tried to separate the two but the effort cost him bites on the forearms and hands. (The victim does not know which dog bit him—it may have been both.) After the humans finally re-imposed order on their animals, the woman called 911. The Seattle Fire Department responded, bandaged the injuries on the scene, and transported the man to a hospital in Ballard. Officer Nina Jones provided both parties with business cards.