Sounds like a nice place for married couples:

In the stone basement an old original fireplace and comfy sofa beckons you to sit by the fire. The romantic bedroom suite features a comfortable king-size bed with a partial canopy. The fully equipped kitchen makes in house meal preparation easy. This is an ideal place for honeymoons and anniversaries, and truly a place you'll want to come back to. This historic cottage is part of Spring Wood Organic Farm which is a 220 acre third generation Mennonite family farm operated by Roman and Lucy Stoltzfoos with the help of their eleven children.

But Terry and I won't be celebrating our 20th Anniversary in the Little Stone Cottage's comfortable king-size bed:

Our vision is that this would be place of blessing for truly married couples only. Our desire is to honor God's definition of marriage 'One man and one women for life.'

Most folks who discriminate against gay couples for biblical/gotta-honor-God reasons give sinful straight couples a pass. Catholic schools routinely fire gay teachers, for example, because the church condemns gay sex and gay relationships. But the same Catholic schools don't fire divorced and remarried teachers or teachers using birth control or teachers who masturbate. (The church condemns masturbation with the exact same language it uses to condemn gay relationships.) At least Roman and Lucy Stoltzfoos aren't hypocrites:

We ask that unmarried and divorced and remarried couples with a living spouse do not apply please!

Sinful gay couples (all gay couples) and sinful straight couples (almost all straight couples) are not welcome at the Little Stone Cottage. You gotta give Roman and Lucy props for consistency.