Mayor Ed Murray's Income Inequality Advisory Committee, the group hashing out a compromise on the minimum wage, had their last scheduled meeting today, and it appears to have concluded without any resolution.

Murray just said via a statement that he "hopes" the committee members will reach agreement—they're "very, very close," he says—before he's scheduled to announce his own proposal tomorrow afternoon:

Tomorrow at 1:15 p.m., I am prepared to announce a plan for how we raise the minimum wage in this city. Standing with me, I hope, will be members of my income inequality advisory committee. And it is my hope that it will be all the members of my advisory committee.

We may reach an agreement by tomorrow, we may not. But in either case, we will get to a good, thoughtful, meaningful solution that reflects the input and concerns of all who will be affected – which has been the goal of this process all along.

At some point, the interest in the process yield to an interest in the final product—and tomorrow we reach that point.

No matter what happens, this issue heads next to the city council for further debate and eventual legislation. More on that in this week's paper.