Its Sherman Alexie! Quick, someone call the cops!
  • It's Sherman Alexie! Quick, someone call the cops!

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After an Idaho high school banned Sherman Alexie's novel The Absolutely True Story of a Part Time Indian, two Washington women teamed up with an independent bookstore in Boise to deliver 350 copies of the book, for free, to any interested students. They timed their giveaway, ingeniously, with World Book Night, the annual event where bookstores and readers join forces to deliver free copies of books to audiences who don't normally read for pleasure. It's a happy ending! Except...

[Junior Mountain High School student Brady] Kissel and her fellow teens had no problem finding takers for Alexie's controversial book. They gave away all but 20 copies.

And then, of course, irate parents ruined it by literally calling the cops to the scene. Boise news station KBOI reported that even the cops were baffled about why they'd been asked to police a book giveaway.

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KBOI reported that police had been summoned by "someone concerned about teenagers picking up a copy of the book without having a parent's permission."... The cops apparently saw nothing wrong with Kissel's activities, nor with the book's brief mentions of masturbation, one of the oft-cited reasons for its being so frequently challenged.

So it's still a happy ending, if you can ignore the part where someone thought it was a good idea to call the police on a book giveaway.

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