You know how every once in a while, some comics fan or comics professional says something stupid about women and/or people of color? And you know how you sometimes look at comics culture and see a wall of conservative white dudes staring back at you? The racism and sexism can be really off-putting. Some days it's enough to make you want to give up comics forever.

Here's the happy antidote to that problem: A blog called We Are Comics, in which people who love comics come forward to tell their stories, and they turn out, the blog advertises, to be "a hell of a lot more diverse than you might think." This is my favorite one:

She is comics. She is nine years old, and her best imaginable day included swimming, roller skating, and brunch after the comic store. She has 5 or so titles on her pull list, and opinions on all of them. She’ll read some of her parents’ titles sometimes.

Her favorite, most beat-to-death books are Dragonbreath, Liberty Meadows, and Calvin and Hobbes.
She was disappointed to learn that while sometimes we can read books in the bath, we can never read comics in the shower.

She is comics. She is nine.