Good news, pro-choice womb-havers and lovers of same! Google, after pressure from NARAL, is going to take down the Google ads of a bunch of sneaky, creepy, deceptive "Crisis Pregnancy Centers":

According to Google’s advertising policy, “factual claims and offers should always be credible and accurate” and “misleading, inaccurate, and deceitful ads hurt everyone.” NARAL—which is conducting a larger campaign to hold CPCs accountable for their tactics targeting women considering having an abortion—identified several examples of CPC ads that don’t meet those terms.

According to the group’s analysis, 79 percent of the CPCs that advertised on Google indicated that they provide abortion services, even though they’re actually in the business of dissuading women from choosing an abortion. After NARAL presented its findings to Google, the company took down those ads, confirming to the Washington Post that it was simply following its normal procedures for reviewing advertisements...

Some CPCs have been forthright about the fact that they’re attempting to use Google to misdirect women who might be thinking about ending a pregnancy. The anti-abortion group Online for Life has been buying up Google ad space for years, explaining that they want women to see their ads when they use Google to search for “abortion.”

Read the rest here. And for more on the lies and creepery of CPCs, check out Cienna Madrid's 2011 story "Six Pregnancy Tests in One Week," all about the CPCs right here in Washington State.