This is the opening of a police report, which was authored by Officer Gabriel Conrad and is about a victim who says he was beaten all over his body by a suspect with a stick (the suspect wore a gray sweatshirt with the words "Rest in Peace"):

At about 0103 hours, I was doing "Predicted Policing" parked near 5 Ave/Olive Way. A male [redacted] came up alongside my car, pounded on the window, and started shouting at me about having been assaulted. [Redacted] was extremely agitated, sweating profusely, and very aggressive. I was able to get [redacted] to slightly calm down and have a seat on the ground while I interviewed him.

My big question: What is "Predicted Policing"? Because I had never heard of such a thing, and because it had about it the ring of science fiction, I immediately called Detective Renee Witt at SPD's media relations. She explained that it is when officers patrol or park in areas that have high rates of crimes or disturbances. "It's based on a number of studies," she said. "If we see that robberies are happening at this or that time with a certain frequency, we send officers to those places."

Of course that's "Predicted Policing." But the mists in my mind were sort of imaging something along the lines of Minority Report.