Juliette Garside at The Guardian says:

Amazon may share its name with mythology's greatest female warriors, but the world's largest online retailer employs just 18 women among its 120 most senior managers, and none of them report directly to the boss.

Amazon's founder, chief executive and chairman, Jeff Bezos, runs the company through a select all-male group of 12, known internally as the S Team (Senior Team), who have a direct line to him. And the S Team themselves seem reluctant to employ women, according to a leak from an internal directory.

So we know that things are bad at the top for women at Amazon. Gawker today published a story by an Amazon warehouse employee that suggests things are rotten for everyone at the bottom of the Amazon food chain, regardless of gender:

I got a phone call the day I was supposed to start, reminding me I was supposed to start that evening, and telling me to be at the on-site Integrity office at 6:30pm (and also stated the doors opened at 6pm). I showed up at 6:08 which is 22 minutes early, based on the time I was told to be there. I arrived at the same time as a young lady who was also supposed to start that evening. After waiting for almost half an hour, we were informed that they were only starting three of five people that night, that the jobs were first come first served, and that the three other people had gotten the jobs because they arrived at exactly 6pm.

Go read about Amazon's time thievery over at Gawker.