In this police report, Officer Lee responds to a shots call. When he arrives at the area of the incident, he spots a car that is reported to have left at a high speed. Officer Lee activates his emergency lights. The car is stopped in the heart of Little Saigon. Five subjects are in the vehicle. All are placed into handcuffs.

The driver of the car then explains that he and his friends were at a bar when shots were fired. He was scared for his life and fled the area. The other passengers tell the same story. Later, a witness explains that around 0455, he was at the bar on 12th avenue when he saw a person's arm pointing a gun in the air. Several rounds were fired and chaos erupted. He could not see who the shooter was or if he/she eventually targeted a person or something.

While investigating the incident, a black handgun "was discovered lying on the top of a storm drain approximately five feet to the south of the parking lot entrance." The description of this discovery:

The handgun was lying on its top with the slide locked to the rear. The handgun was recovered and was empty on recovery. The handgun was located about 100 feet from the involved vehicle in the same parking lot.

Also, a single bullet hole was located on the rear bumper of the "involved vehicle." And a single live round was seen in plain view lying on the front passenger seat of the "involved vehicle," which was later "impounded to the SPD processing room."

No fewer then 13 shell casings were found in front of the bar on 12th street. All of the shell casings were photographed and recovered for evidence along with the handgun. The handgun and vehicle were photographed as well as the entire scene.