Don't Forget to GiveBIG! The deadline is midnight. Here's a long list of Stranger-approved charities that need your money.

"Amazon is an amazing company. As long as you don't work here." Gawker has published more letters from current and former Amazon employees. They paint a depressing picture of what it's like to work at the Great Walmart in the Sky.

Now I Have "Maniac" Stuck in My Head: Local author Ed Brubaker, who wrote the comics that the latest Captain America film is based on among many other titles, has written a remake of the movie Maniac Cop. The movie blogosphere has gone nuts over the news, and rightfully so.

Nick Offerman Is Dreamy: TV's Ron Swanson explains the pleasure of building things:

What’s beautiful about the human being is that there are those of us who have a propensity for problem solving. We say, “Okay, this screen door keeps blowing open. How can I most conveniently solve that problem?” The majority of people wouldn’t have the inclination to go into their box of miscellaneous hardware and say, “Here’s a spring, here’s a hinge, here’s a shim—how can I MacGyver these into a solution?”

Topless Book Club: It's been on the front of the Huffington Post for two days now, which I think means that Topless Book Club is the new Grumpy Cat.

Go Meet Miss Aqua: The name of the woman in this picture is Miss Aqua. She is a three-time cancer survivor. She owns a Dean Market with her father in Bombay Beach, California. She is a Pentecostal Christian from Michigan. You can see the this and other images, which were taken by Virginia Wilcox, this week at Violet Strays...