• Aubrey Nehring

The seventh annual Debacle Fest, an unruly celebration of myriad strains of experimental music curated by Sam Melancon, takes place May 30 at Cairo and May 31 at Lo-Fi, Black Lodge, and Victory Lounge. You can check out the lineup—over 30 artists, with a heavy emphasis on Northwest talent this year—in the brilliant posters created by Aubrey Nehring (who's also playing the fest in his band Ecstatic Cosmic Union). You can read more about each participant here. Tickets for Friday' s show are $5 and Saturday's go for $10.

In addition, Debacle's holding a record fair Sat. May 31 at 12 pm-5 pm at Black Lodge, at which nine regional labels will be selling their goods (see list after the jump). Also on sale will be reading materials from the Greatest Rough Groceries (Kelly Froh [Short Run] and Max Clotfelter [Intruder Comics]. This event is free and features DJ sets by Explorateur and Domenica.

  • Aubrey Nehring

Medical Records
Translinguistic Other
Further Records
Hanged Man
Dead Accents
Tapdup/Coldbrew Collective
Alterity 101
Masters Chemical Society