"Boko Haram Leader Offers to Free Schoolgirls in Exchange for Prisoners": That's the Guardian's headline. But what the leader of Islamist group Boko Haram said about the kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls is that they've already been "liberated" by being converted to Islam, and that further, "We will never release them until after you release our brethren." The video above is purportedly of the girls. Over at the New York Times, Nicholas Kristof asks, "What’s So Scary About Smart Girls?" and says:

...any of us can stick it to Boko Haram by helping to educate a girl. A $40 gift at Camfed.org buys a uniform so that a girl can go to school.

We can also call on members of Congress to pass the International Violence Against Women Act, which would elevate the issue of sexual violence on the global agenda.

Meanwhile, in Ukraine: The government calls pro-Russian referendums "a criminal farce," and a presidential election scheduled for May 25 seems likely to be disrupted by Moscow, which may lead to sanctions from the West, and where will this end?!

Clippers owner apologizes: "Am I entitled to one mistake?" he says about his racist comments last month; the interview will be broadcast today. (The Clippers, meanwhile, apparently "pulled off a Mother's Day miracle," which seems like a bit of an overstatement.)

Seahawks draft picks: A wrap-up of the sometimes "head-scratching" choices and what's next (rookie mini-camp!)

Sriracha CEO calls the government of Irwindale, California pretty much as bad as the communist one he left in Vietnam: He's not going to move his factory, though.

A new jellyfish species: But wait... it seems to be already gone. But jellyfish are erratic.

Teenagers aren't reading books anymore: Not nearly as much, a report on a bunch of studies says: "Since 1984, the percent of 13-year-olds who are weekly readers went down from 70% to 53%, and the... percent of 17-year-olds who never or hardly ever read tripled during this period, from 9% to 27%." What's wrong with Kids These Days? Maybe It's the Internet!

Oh, and the weather forecast for Seattle: is looking pretty much PERFECT—sunny, highs in the 70s, up to 81 on Thursday. Yay!