This is fantastic!!! Dig this promo feature for the, just released, record collector book Dust & Grooves: Adventures in Record Collecting at Dust & Grooves featuring Norton Records/Kicks Books' Billy Miller and Miriam Linna!!

Billy and Miriam measure their lives in their collectables and moments in each other’s lives. They are completely on the same page and have the same frame of reference, each taking a sentence when answering a question, filling in names, details, and fact-correcting one another’s stories. But not without teasing, riling up, and a lot of love. They are both aware of where their tastes and knowledge cross over and differ.

These two, GAH, they're so cute! Seriously, just dig the pictures of them dancing! It's amazing these two, being record nerds and pop-culture archivists, are married and equally obsessed. As an obsessive record nerd myself, it's rare to find a partner who can stand, much less match, a deep record nerd's nerdiness!

Anyway, cuteness aside, the interview is cool. The pair are walking and talking history books and here they share stories of how they got into collecting, meeting the heavy collectors of the '70s, a quick history of Fortune Records, Mad Mike, Bobby Fuller Four’s “Let Her Dance”, their 'zine Kicks, Neil Young, and how the Norton warehouse was flooded when Hurricane Sandy hit. SHEESH!! It's a good read, but...uh, if you don't feel like reading, eyeball this thang for the pictures! I sincerely wish MY record vault, "the church," was this spacious and organized!