And so we find ourselves at lucky Episode 13, and lady? We’ve seen a lot of bullshit. (Bendela was robbed.) It’s all over but the crying now. (Bendela was robbed.) Courtney, Bianca, and Adore are the three left standing, and one of these crazy queens will be crowned the new winner next week. (Bendela was robbed.) Please to watch the full episode here.

In fine RuPaulian tradition, this episode is a season recap clip-show, so, basically, you’re reading a recap of a recap. It’s all just sooo terribly meta! I know. It’s not as exciting as, oh, say, an actual COMPETITION with challenges and winners and bleary-eyed eliminations and fun junk like that, but it does provide us with a chance to glance over our shoulders at the laughter, the tears, the teats, the shade, and OH MY GOD JINKX MONSOON! I had no idea she was to be appearing in the recap episode! Well, she and other queens from past years pop their bewigged noggins in to give their two cents on the events of this season—Alaska, Manilla, Jujube, Tammy Brown, Latrice Royale, and so forth. Fabulous.

(Psst! Between you, me, and the sugar walls, I suspect that the whole episode is really just a vehicle for Ruple to force the video for her single, “Sissy that Walk,” on the world, but you know. Whatevs.)

Since this episode is just a waiting room for the finale, and I'm writing this damn thing, I'm going to chime in with the queens and give you what I believe are probably my personal favorite moments of Season 6. In no logical order whatsoever then, let the revisiting commence!

Episode Seven: That heart-stopping fuck-over moment when Ben Delacreme was put up for elimination with Darienne Lake but remained in the show only by the good graces of RuPaul’s whims and caprices. Bless them.

Episodes All: Every nasty word that ever fell out of Bianca’s mouth. “Bianca’s ‘Rolodex of Hate’ is more like a Wikipedia page,” according to Manilla. So true. So true.

Episode One: Vivacious is, of course, instantly forgettable (out of sight, out of mind) but her grand entrance in Episode One was the zenith and nadir of the anti-climax. She sashayed in wearing some crazy Mork from Ork getup that hid her face and some sort of bobbing alien-head made out of a vagazzled wig holder on her head, she struck a dramatic pose, and….zip…zip..zip..ziiii…iii…iiiipppp… it took her roughly two hours to work down the zipper and finally reveal her face. Motha has arrived! About damn time.

Episode Whatever: The Pit Crew. Hubbah-hubbah, ding-ding.

Also Episode One: The thrill of Bendela’s very first victory—the first main runway challenge with her Golden Girls inspired couture complete with pie (where’d she get a pie!?).

Episodes One-Ten: Anything Joslyn Fox ever said, plus her signature boob-grab. “Keep it foxy! Womp, womp!” Jujubee on Joslyn, “I think Joslyn’s ass is her best outfit.” #troof

Episode Four: The Rusical! This is when I finally lightened up enough to fall in love with Adore—her gigantic Taylor Dane hair! Her yellow cape! Flawless. But Bendela stole the show again in her leopard-skin and pirate eye patch. Arrr!

Episode Twelve: Mean old Darienne Lake (aka Diarrhea Leak) FINALLY gets booted off the island. Mmm. So satisfying.

Episodes Myriad: LaGanja sniveling and pouting and whining and melting down like she’s the walking pity party of the WORLD. Which she is. “5 Gs, gurl!" Latrice comments on LaGanja's many meltdowns. "Good. God. Ganja. Get. A. Grip!”

Also Episode One Again: Oh! And some whiny liar called Magnolia Crawford who claimed she was from Seattle getting the very first boot. I ain’t never heard a no damn Magnolia Crawford. Shoo.

Episodes One-Seven: Milk. That is all.

So that’s it. Just one more measly episode to go! I feel like I've climbed Drag Mountain on my lips. Getting involved with RuPaul's Drag Race is emotionally exhausting...

Final predictions! Bianca. Boom.