He had a golf club...

A man rammed a stolen landscaping truck into the lobby of a Baltimore television station Tuesday, police said, prompting a standoff that forced the building’s evacuation and knocked the ABC affiliate off the air for hours.

Authorities in Baltimore County eventually entered the building and found the man armed with a golf club and holed up in a second-floor editing room, where he was watching television accounts of the incident.

The suspect also thought he was God (which is more than the God of the Bible can say, as He doesn't exist and so has never thought or said anything). And thank God the suspect did not have a gun, as I feared yesterday when the story broke around 10 am. Unfortunately, however, the society we live in provides easy access to guns to people who, like this suspect, have reached the extraordinary conclusion that they are the creator of the entire universe and the reason for life on earth.

All of that said, there is something God like about being inside and outside at once, which is what happened when the suspect watched the live coverage of the incident within the station.