Now that Daemon Lovers—a killer local Shocking Blue cover band tied to the mighty Atomic Bride—have officially called it quits, a couple DL members coalesced into a new group: the Gods Themselves!!! YEAH! Oh, and, trainspotters, the name IS nicked from from Isaac Asimov's novel about parallel universes, The Gods Themselves. The band's jams are self described as "angular dance dirges laced with heavy wah-wah" with heavy nods to the Make-Up, Gang of Four, and Eazy E. While them nods are certainly there, and I've only heard the ONE SONG, to me, they come off as cool, not so angry Boss Hog or Honeymoon Killers. I'm excited— they've got a couple shows lined up and they're recording an EP due out in August. However, I don't think I can wait till August, so, until then, I'ma be buggin' tGT to post more streaming tracks...c'mon guys, PLEASE!