• Brooklyn Benjestorf

Name: Clarita

Where: Revolver

Buy Her A Shot Of: “Well, it’s a cocktail,” she says, “I really don’t do shots—I sip. It’s the Fennel Countdown, because I love fennel and Campari and sparkling wine and it combines all of those things. My last name actually means fennel in Spanish, so I guess it’s meant to be.”

Ask Her To Make You A: Doctor Boogie. “It’s the name of a Flamin' Groovies song. It’s got Fernet and a house infused cucumber dill vodka that I make and a maraschino liqueur, but topped with soda so it’s really light and refreshing. It comes with a cucumber garnish that you can smell. It’s a nice summer drink.”

What She’s Doing When She’s Not At The Bar: “I’m kind of a record nerd so this bar is kind of the perfect fit for me. I like to collect records, listen to music, and I’m also a visual artist. I DJ, but now I don’t really have time to DJ anymore, but I do make visual art and collage, collage on wood with resin and paintings.”

Words To Love By: “Con Fuerza!”