Out of the internet shadows, Seattle rap-rock metal pioneers Voltage Periscope are back with a new bro-ballad called “Broken Bonez.” There’s pain, and poetry, and a braided goatee dangling and flapping in pain. The video was directed by Black Daisy, and the song was recorded by Stranger Genius nominee Erik Blood. Singer/front man Byron The Siren Sexton spoke. (Byron bears a striking resemblance to Troy Nelson of the Young Evils and KEXP. It’s almost uncanny how much they look alike.)

Byron, it’s been awhile. Where have you been? Can you tell us a little about “Broken Bonez.”

Byron: What's doin' brosephine? Serious shit's going downtown Julie Brown over on this end, my man. After a five year hiatus, a divorce, and cocaine rehab, I'm back. Voltage Periscope is back. This time we're not afraid to bare our souls, show the people what true pain feels like. All these other pussy-ass bands out here in Seattle just fiddle with their little nut bags while we're grinding out some hard-hitting rock that will change a huge chunk of the World. I spent too many years hiding my scars, burying my past, and pretending that my anger was an enemy rather than my homie. We're ready to wipe the face of hard rock clean, start a new regime.

This video looks almost exactly like Staind’s video for “It’s Been Awhile.” Did Staind influence you much?

No. We don’t watch other band’s videos. We don’t want to dilute our art. Our art is our art.

Has anyone ever told you you sound like Brett Michaels?

Brett Michaels is a grade-A douche. He does pull in a lot of tail though. Listen, we're not fucking around. Our new shit we got comin' out may be too real for most people, so listen with caution. Tyson Bates' guitar work on this record is sick dude. He learned a riff from an instructional video that made his fingers fly faster than then a bottle cap from my first beer of the day. The riff was called "The Boston Speed Party" and it's fierce. We'll be releasing another video soon for our song "The Un-Unknown" which will turn some heads I'm sure. Thanks for all the support, keep kickin' ass and never take any names. Remember, keep one foot in the gutter and one fist in the gold.