Jonah Perreti, the founder of Buzzfeed, was on the guest list for Microsoft's secretive annual CEO summit that took place in Redmond last week, where the likes of Warren Buffet and JP Morgan Chase's Jamie Dimon were gathered to talk about, for example, "Winning With Disruption."

But Peretti's history, including his 2001 attempt to get Nike to send him a shoe with the word "sweatshop" on it, suggests he's interested in disruptions of capitalism. Vox reports:

After graduating from UC Santa Cruz in 1996, Peretti published an article in the cultural theory journal Negations entitled "Capitalism and Schizophrenia: Contemporary Visual Culture and the Acceleration of Identity Formation/Dissolution." After the paper was mentioned in New York's Peretti profile,'s Eugene Wolters read through it, and found that it more or less lays out (and critiques) Buzzfeed's entire business model—a full decade before the company was founded.

In brief, the paper argues that, going forward, capitalism will need to be constantly producing identities for people to adopt at an ever-increasing rate.

Read the rest. Peretti now has estimated net worth of $10 million.