Fucking fuck, there are so many forgotten Motown singles. Obviously they couldn't ALL be hits and, as the label produced SUCH a huge volume of music; many great sides were missed and now forgotten. Well, "You Can Come Right Back To Me," sung by former Temptations vocalist, David Ruffin, is one of them forgotten sides! The sophisticated arrangement of "You Can Come Right Back To Me" KILLS ME!! Gah, y'all, it's a dance jam WITH fuzz-guitar flourishes!!

Ruffin went solo after he was fired from the Temptations in 1968. His first 45, issued in January of 1969, was the forlorn "My Whole World Ended." The song placed at number 9 on Billboard pop charts and was the title track off his first LP, My Whole World Ended. His next album, Feelin' Good, was released at the end of '69, but stalled out in the pop charts. Actually, Feelin' Good did okay, but as Ruffin's drug use began to complicate his trajectory, his next album, David (scheduled and given a catalog number), was shelved and remained unreleased till 2004. "You Can Come Right Back To Me" was one of the singles meant for the David LP and was "45 only" until the album was finally released.