Annual Seattle Erotic Art Festival and Halloween party returns to Seattle Center October 29 –31!
A weekend of art, performance, readings, & more! Festival ends at Seattle's sexiest Halloween party.

Veteran Seattle electronic-music-scene catalysts Michael Manahan and Dane Garfield Wilson recently bought Re-bar from Carla Schricker. To celebrate, they're throwing a party called We Got This! there Sat. May 31 (10 pm-3 am). Manahan himself plus DJs Pezzner and TROUBLE will be spinning all-vinyl sets. Cover is $5 suggested donation, or two cans of food (organic preferred). All proceeds and food will be donated to Food Not Bombs.

About the duo's plans for the club, Manahan says, "We are in the middle of a major sound system upgrade now... all KV2 Audio, mains, fills, monitors and bar area, as well. Should be a spectacular sound experience."

Wilson adds, "After the change over, and given the Re-bar's iconic status, we are slowly dragging it into the 21st century gently and respectfully. So many people are involved and it has a certain energy about it that we don't want to disrupt by coming in and doing anything radical. Maintaining the current direction, but adding to it.

"I have an extensive background in theater/musicals/national touring companies to complement Michael's experience with nightclub booking. Being the only venue in Seattle able to provide a theater show and party on the same day. Like last Sunday, we had Dina Martina at 2pm, then Match Game (gay celebrity game show), and then ended with Flammable at night. With both of us on, this should give event producers more resources and more support.

"Other than that... the floor has been replaced, the interior repainted, lighting upgraded, considering how to upgrade the bathroom situation (I would like to make it like a miniature version of how Q is set up and get away from the separate men's/women's version), bringing in local artists to be featured on the walls, working more with groups like KEXP, Stranger, Decibel, upgrading the bar selection/taking cards/computerized POS system, working on having more of an afterhours presence.

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"Also figuring out our relationship with Kremwerk and the new buildings that are about to be developed around the area (both parking lots and Goodyear wrapping around Re-bar have just sold and are slated for 40-story office/residential).

"Basically, the Re-bar is the only place that I know (maybe other than Motor in Chicago) in which a metalhead, drag queen, stone cold butch, Burner, raver, and nightclub person all come to the same shows and have a great time. We don't have a creeper issue or super douchey-bro vibe at all due to the energy of the place and our location. It was all summed up when I mentioned the changeover recently to a new friend and he was all, 'Oh yeah, that place that I went to that had the Neil Gaiman-themed burlesque show.' Yes, that would be the place."

More info about the We Got This! party here.