• Josh Bis

M.I.A.’s main stage performance would’ve been damn near perfect if both her beats and mic weren’t in need of a serious volume boost for nearly the entire set. Her hard-hitting, world-sampling instrumentals demand to be cranked high as possible, and the sound guy apparently missed that memo.

  • Josh Bis

But even with the sound setbacks that were no fault of hers, Maya Arulpragasam’s show had plenty of highlights. Her backup dancers and neon-patterned background visuals were on point as always, her fuck-it-all, anti-diva-diva demeanor was in full effect (at times she seemed t be trolling the crowd – getting them to do that racist “indian” hand-over-mouth whoop thing, stopping everything at one point to reapply her bright red lipstick, singing the lyrics to Lorde’s “Royals” over her “Paper Planes” beat), and her setlist stuck to almost entirely her well-known older stuff. Fans bounced along to “Sunshowers,” “Galang,” and “Bucky Done Gun,” and she even brought a bunch of ecstatic young women on stage to dance along to “Boyz” (and take hella selfies) before the stage security kicked everyone off.

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  • Josh Bis

The best part, though, was the final two songs from Matangi – “Double Bubble Trouble” and “Bad Girls” – for which she brought out two motherfucking DRONES that had LED-light peace signs on them that hovered around the stage. There was an actual drone that flew around my campsite earlier during the day, sounding like a distant swarm of bees as it hovered up there with its stupid camera pointing down at everyone. The fuck? As the just-released, drone-heavy video for “Double Bubble Trouble” said, “1984 is now.”