These people are all on drugs
  • Josh Bis
  • These people are all on drugs

During Sasquatch, “El Chupacabra” is actually Spanish for “Everybody’s On Molly.” The “El Chupacabra Tent” hosts pretty much straight electronic acts from the evening onward, thus becoming the “Everybody’s On Molly Tent.” Even for Nova Scotian cloud-trap producer/DJ/remix specialist Ryan Hemsworth’s 7:25pm set, the tent was full of saucer-eyed teens and groups of kids huddled together dividing out capsules between each other (because, as comedian Eric Andre said on the same stage just a couple hours before: “You Only #YOLO Once”).

Hemsworth seemed to know exactly what type of crowd he was going to draw, gearing his selections in a way more electronic/club-oriented direction, diverting somewhat from his usually more rap/beat-centric norm. He kept it mostly instrumental, but did manage to work in a sped-up rework of R. Kelly’s “Ignition,” a dreamy edit of Future’s “Honest,” and another remix of Future’s “Move That Dope” (Just the Pusha T verse and chorus, though). The vibe was way different – more or less dumbed down for the drugged-up youths in attendance – than his past two Seattle shows.