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Sorry to rant a bit yesterday, but only because the general vibe of the day was anything but negative. For me, the positive feels were most apparent during Washed Out's hazy electro-band set, and Chastity Belt's smile-filled dusk performance. During those sets, people were getting lost in the moment, and gave the impression they were legitimately loving life. The only time the mood really broke was during Tyler, the Creator's late night set, as he growled through "Bitch Suck Dick," etc., which may have been effective if its semi-satirical context was more apparent, but you get the impression he gets off on the shock, and doesn't care enough to explain his intent, or soothe the burn in people's ears.

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During the day, Washed Out main man Ernest Greene was on a mission to elevate the crowd's chill. Dressed in an ultra-crisp button-up and shades, I felt like we were floating along on his musical yacht. At one point, Greene urged us to sing along, and I had to laugh when he jumped right back into his hushed, stretched-out singing style which makes his lyrics extremely hard to make out. Given the setting, the words felt somewhat superfluous anyway, so the music and the friendly tone of his voice were more than sufficient to hold the vibe.

Chastity Belt's set shortly afterword on the quaint Narwhal stage felt like a living room show. Everyone was on great terms with the band, and with each other. Laughs were shared during their sillier songs, and people swayed together lovingly during "Seattle Party." I think they were having fun.

Chastity Belt
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