• Zack and February Moon
One thing I've noticed at this year's Sasquatch, is the strong baby contingent. People have real babies here, rocking out, having a great baby time. I have a couple of kids back at home in Seattle, and as parents do, I decided to ask these people about their kids, get some helpful tips for toting young children around on such a hectic weekend, and find out if the young'ns were having a good time. HERE ARE THEIR STORIES:

Pacific Northwest Ballet presents: Romeo et Juliette at McCaw Hall
Romeo et Juliette returns to PNB to sweep you off your feet – just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Parent: Zack
Baby: February Moon
From: Capitol Hill
Age: February is 15 months old

Zack: "We were worried about how she'd take it, but she's liking it. There's enough room so we can avoid super loud music if we need to. Other than that, there's such a variety of bands that you can see cool mellow stuff that she likes."

Stranger: She's having a good time, though?
Absolutely. It's all eye candy, you know. She loves watching people.

Good job Zack and February Moon!


Parents: Manna and Clint
Baby: Phoenix
From: Minneapolis
Age: Phoenix is almost two


Manna and Clint were working at the Tread Light handmade footwear booth. They make all the shoes. Phoenix is naked, wearing sunglasses, dancing to Dude York in the grass outside of their booth. They travel around selling shoes at music festivals. Phoenix went to her first concert when she was seven weeks old. She is a seasoned festival veteran, and appeared to be having a great time.


Parent: ?
Baby: Holly
Age: Two

The last baby I questioned was named Holly. Holly and her mom are from Victoria, B.C. They are camping, but sprung for the premier level to make it easier. It's Holly's second Sasquatch!. They had just enjoyed Cold War Kids, and were excited to see Rodriguez. Holly's mom recommended ear protection. Good call!