• Josh Bis

I’ve been a fan of Odd Future and Tyler, the Creator since his no-budget classic Bastard came out just before 2010 (fucking hipster, I know), and have even seen him live a couple times before, but his performance on the Bigfoot Stage was probably the weakest showing I’ve witnessed from him. It could’ve been the setlist – no Bastard throwbacks, three Goblin cuts (“Tron Cat,” “Yonkers” and the ultra-belligerent “Bitch Suck Dick,” which is basically a less clever, less fun version of far-superior Bastard track “Tina” anyways) the rest stuff from the Odd Future Tape Vol. 2 and his still-great Wolf album that just seemed to not really resonate with the crowd.

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Look at that enthusiasm in his face
  • Josh Bis
  • Look at that enthusiasm in his face

It could’ve been his, or the way-young audience’s energy level – his was still high, but very middling for as naturally gifted of a performer as he is, and he kept noting the crowd’s weak responses when he called for cheers. He still tried hamming it up, talking shit to and with the audience (“I like white people, I see a lot of y’all are here”), and keeping the energy high as he could, but something just seemed off. Still, stuff like “Bimmer,” “Domo23,” and closer “Tamale” sounded huge, and the actually hella deep “48” was pristine. But with a 10pm start time, all the kids there seemed too faded to care.