Haim: Were ready to learn how Sasquatch Rages
  • Haim: We're ready to learn how Sasquatch Rages

Aside from giving one of the best performances on the MainStage yesterday, throwing all of the best guitar hero faces, getting everyone on the hillside lawn up on their feet, averting an afternoon rainstorm (and replacing it with a glorious sunbreak), the Haim sister act also wrote a little impromptu theme song for future festivals for the occasion of asking the crowd to teach them how Sasquatch rages. After the jump, an answer in the form of pictures from the front-lines of the weekend shows.

Bass Face
  • Face of Bass


  • (M.I.A.)


GoPro while napping.
  • The sunken shag carpeted living room of the Gorge.

Bedazzled sunglasses were so hot this year
  • Bedazzled sunglasses may be the new floral crowns

Lemur kigurumi is the best kigurumi
  • Lemur kigurumi is the best kigurumi

  • (Deafheaven Black Metal Love Fest)

Reaching for the lasers
  • Reaching for the lasers

32_M.I.A._7420.jpg(Awed by peace drones)

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