• Josh Bis

The Stranger was relieved to find that both Native American headdresses AND flower crowns were rarities this year at Sasquatch! Face paint and animal costumes were still in abundance, as were stupid people's piles of stupid backpacks in everyone's way during shows, if that counts as a trend.

• Friday's OutKast show on the main stage may have been the best show anyone has ever seen in their lives. André 3000 and Big Boi emerged from a glowing cube—André looked incredible jumping around the stage in a white wig and a jumpsuit that read "everything is temporary" with tags on his hips reading "FOR SALE" and "SOLD OUT." The opening combination of Stankonia cuts "B.O.B." into "Gasoline Dreams" set it the fuck off—especially with a live backing band. The duo then went through their extensive catalog of American classics, proving that they are still the definition of unfuckwithable.

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