Why We Need Cycletracks: Truck Blocks Entire Bike Lane On Capitol Hill


Maybe a better headline would be:

"Working class delivery drivers gets on the way of college educated white boy on his tricycle"
The parking lane on 12th is too narrow for many larger vehicles. If he'd parked tight to the curb, he'd still be hanging out so far into the bike lane that a cyclist passing with safe clearance would have to merge out into the general purpose lane. Seattle has many miles of substandard bike lanes next to narrow parking lanes. Safety is clearly secondary to wide travel lanes to encourage faster driving.
This morning, as driving my car to a P&R, I was delayed by a waste truck. To keep my schedule, I was forced to pass it, risking my life, my vehicle, and others' as I did so - tears of commuter anguish ran down my face.

In this moment, I had an epiphany: what we need more so than safe bike lanes, is a dedicated 'truck lane'... or maybe an entire network of roads exclusively for commercial vehicles.

Then, tragedies such as what I faced this morning, and Ansel's will be a thing of the past, God willng.
@87 AND 89....

LMFAO @ the bicycling tough guy.....

shut your silly ass up. You didnt punch anybody or dent any car. If you really did try something like that in the real world, your ass would be put into the pavement - permanently.
Goldy would have just ridden around the truck.
@95, 96, etc. So you ride around on a bike beating up villains but they won't give you a driver's license due to a "medical condition". I don't think there is any need to explain further.

@91 you know what doesn't maneuver around obstructions? Street cars!
Little Ansel Herz got his big wish - over 100 comments! That's all he wants - attention and job security. Keep on printing your biased articles on class warfare/cyclists. That combo fires up The Stranger's base and get them their readership. You are learning the game, little Ansel. Keep the hits coming in to the Stranger's website and you keep your job, and you found your magic combo - cycling issues and class warfare (and throw in Mayor Murray and hold him accountable).

I only wish that more people knew about little Ansel's privileged, protected background - he is so NOT the guy he's trying to be. Sad little Ansel. Typical kid journalist.
I used to walk that route to work every day - that truck is there 2 to 3 mornings a week (Tuesdays, Fridays, sometimes Mondays) for a good leisurely 3 hour unload-plus-break. They're offloading MASSIVE amounts of booze into the Washington Liquor Store with little to no supervision. If anyone on the slog is brave enough to steal it, it's a pretty easy way to nab a free case of Vodka with no consequences.
I ride my bike all the time, and down 12th.
But Big f'n deal. Trucks have to deliver stuff. Sometimes cars have to go around a truck and so do bikes. Its called living in the city!
Is this really something worth whining about?
there's another infraction into public space endangering lives in your city. when homeowners let their lawns and other plants creep into the sidewalk!! the PUBLIC sidewalk. first it's an inch. then three. then three on each side. before you know it, it's a 3' wide sidewalk. one day last week, i was forced to take evasive action and step off the paved portion and onto the creeping lawn so two could make passage. i could have slipped and twisted my ankle or something. i'm gonna write a letter.
Maybe there was enough room in the parking strip. If so, then that's weak parking.

But to my eye there isn't enough room to get the truck all the way in the parking strip. So which is more dangerous, blocking a lane or blocking half a lane? Speaking as someone who uses a bike as primary transportation, that truck is probably in the safest place in the street for me.

If there was a cycle track, where would the truck be? In the cycle track, because there'd be no parking.

A cycle track would take out not just car parking, but also the bike parking you can see in the picture. This is a picture of why we don't need cycle tracks. Trucks are not going to magically disappear. There are still going to be the same number of trucks on the street making the same deliveries. Right now, bikes can just move a lane left, take the lane, and carry on. A two-way cycle track makes it a little worse for one direction, and a lot worse for bikes in the other direction, because you can't just move over a lane, you have to either ride against traffic or cross to the other side of the street.
Oh my GOD when did Seattle bicyclists become such whiny, sanctimonious, self righteous drama queens?? Go around little princess, people in cars and on foot do it all the time! That's what happens in "world class" cities! First world problem!
and how old are you, snokes? 19? and ansel, bubbeleh, thank you for the correction. now come over here and let me chuck your cheek.
I have to commend you Ansel on your bravery in the face of such adversity. Having to ride your bike around a truck! I'm breathless just thinking about it! I can't imagine the horror you must have felt. Are you seeking therapy for your PTSD?
go the fuck around. jesus. how tough is that?

i mean, dude stops in the car lane and no one can go anywhere until he unloads. bikes on the other hand can GO THE FUCK AROUND you stupid, entitled dick.
@98 ...and I said to park my car in a way that blocks a lane making it hard for you to drive.

Where did I threaten you? Threatening you would have involved...you know an factual threat.

Now I know that you're just a fucking joke.
Actually @105 both stories are 100% true. It's sad however that you can't handle reality. There are meds for that. I suggest you take them.

As for putting me into the ground. My name is Shane Nokes. Come find me on Facebook and we'll meet up and see who puts who into the ground. :)
@107 Yes. I have myoclonus from early childhood seizures. It causes me to have random muscle spasms. Those aren't really much of an issue while riding a bike. They are a much larger issue when driving a car.

I can actually have a license if I so choose to do so. There's no law preventing it. However I voluntarily decided to not do so, because I honestly don't want a muscle spasm that I have cost someone their life because I want to get somewhere a little faster.

I not only think of myself, but others when I make my decisions.

That's probably because I'm not a piece of shit like you. :)
@114 I'm 33, not 19.
43. "it's a blogger's job to generate outrage" is the most relevant comment contribution to this entire discussion.
I agree with you and I can barely even ride a bike on a closed, even path, much less a Seattle street. Meaning: I mainly do the car thing. I think bike lanes tend to be more like "suggestions" since most of the routes I travel, cars park over them wherever, always forcing the bicyclists into traffic. It would make much more sense to dedicate a non-parking, non-blocking lane to bikes.
@122, 250lbs, but only due to an injury. I'm actually working my way back down to 180lbs as that's the target weight I should be.

Also not a reject. I'm employed with MS now. I return to work on Thursday.

I also only tend to game for 2-3 hours a day max and that's on days when I have to time to do so, and even then it's usually with Kinect fitness titles to help me get back into shape after my injury.

What do I think of you though? An obvious troll who only wishes that they could get a decent job.

As a former delivery driver, I can tell you that the CORRECT quazi-legal place to stop and unload is the center 2-way left turn lane.
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