In the Words of Brazilian 1994 World Cup Winner Romario: "We can’t expect anything from FIFA, where we have a blackmailer called [General Secretary Jerome] Valcke and a corrupt thief and son-of-a-bitch called [President Sepp] Blatter."

SPD Officers Double Down on Lawsuit: Officers who've sued to block new rules on excessive force are "scared for their lives." You know who didn't have time to be scared before being shot to death? John T. Williams.

Hit and Run In West Seattle:...leaves a 30 year old cyclist with a shattered skull, pelvis, and cuts all over his body. He might have died if another driver hadn't spotted him bleeding in the road and called 911.

Extinction Time: A landmark study in Science says species of plants and animals are dying out at least 1,000 times faster than they did before humans arrived. And for good measure, the world is "on the brink of a sixth great extinction." The biggest reason? Habitat loss, as ever more space is taken up by humans.

Speaking of Habitat Loss: Developers want to build more houses near Oso on terrain that a local homeowner worries is vulnerable to a future landslide. Barbara Dykes, Snohomish County's former hearing examiner, denied a permit for the development in 2009. But even though she approved over 80 percent of projects that came to her desk, developers lobbied against her and Dykes was not re-appointed to her position. Snohomish County is reconsidering the developer application now.

Slut-Shaming Along Class Lines: Researchers find that more affluent college students are freer to experiment sexually without being slut-shamed, "while the less-affluent women were ridiculed as sluts for being 'trashy' or 'not classy,' even though they engaged in less sexual behavior."

Inside Bilderberg: On the same day fast food workers went on strike recently in Seattle, a cabal of CEOs met over in Redmond at Microsoft. Now they're across the water at the secretive Bilderberg conference, joined by the former head of the NSA and the head of Google, among others, to discuss the question, "Does privacy exist?" Have fun, guys.

Arsenio Hall's Late-Night Show: Cancelled. Dammit.

Pay homage. Gangnam Style just broke two billion views on YouTube: