B for Boy

Chika Anadu, the director of this superb drama, is to Nollywood what Satyajit Ray (the greatest Indian director) was to Bollywood. Meaning, an Anadu film is not out to dazzle the audience and make the big bucks but to present a complicated picture about contemporary Nigerian culture. Though the family at the center of B for Boy is modern (the wife works for a TV production company, the husband is a member of the managerial elite, the daughter speaks flawless English), they cannot escape the deep pull of the old, rural ways. The wife is pregnant, and the in-laws are demanding that she give birth to a boy. If she does not, they will make their son, who has turned 40, marry a second wife. Africans sometimes. (CHARLES MUDEDE)

B for Boy plays today at the SIFF Cinema Uptown at 8:30 pm.

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