(El Corazon) The good news: Don’t Wait Up is Bane’s first release since 2005’s The Note, and despite the nine-year nap (or maybe because of it?), they’re as furious as ever. The bad news: The band says Don’t Wait Up will be its last release. The last time I saw Bane was at the Redmond Firehouse when I was barely old enough to legally drink (not that I would’ve—straight-edge ’til I die, motherfuckers!), but I’ll never forget what a ground-shakingly loud and exciting set it was. The rage isn’t all anger, either. There’s a lot of positivity lurking in singer Aaron Bedard’s lyrics—in “Park St.,” he screams about finding inspiration in the most random of places and at the perfect time. “Maybe I was wrong and I will never be alone/all because we wrote these punk rock songs/and goddamn that’s pretty crazy/so fucking amazing.” With Seattle’s best hardcore band Trial also on the bill, attending tonight’s show is a no-brainer. With Turnstile and Take Offense. MEGAN SELING
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