Panera Pledges to Serve Real Food by 2016


Does Shaich kill and eat babies? Did aliens create the Panera bread menu? Shaich, did he build the pyramids? We may never know, but that won't stop us from asking in this episode of 'Stupid Shit for a Slow News Day', now with more extreme extremeness!
I wonder what the American restaurant franchise landscape would look like if each franchise served food its CEO and Board of Executives would want to eat.
18 months seems like a long wait.
So long as they pay $15 an hour - cool
So they will be phasing in real food at the same time they're phasing out human employees?
@3: To change suppliers, ingredients, recipes, menus, etc., at 1,800 restaurants? Really?
I was wondering, are there even any Panera locations in Seattle? They're all out in the suburban malls, aren't they? So I checked, and....yup. Northgate and Broadway are the only two. AHHH HAH HAH what the fuck happened to Broadway, anyways? Panera, Office Max...what's next, a Brookstone? Lady Foot Locker? Yankee Candle?
@7 back in the day they had a Gap on Broadway, and nothing is more gay than the Gap.
I almost had to call things off with my fiancee when I heard she'd gone to Panera on Broadway instead of one of the dozens of nearby cafes.

It's amusing that a bread outlet uses has additives to begin with!

Over the last few months I have been baking my own bread, making my own dough.

What I find is that even recipes for bread are full of irrelevant or even wrong information. I kept reducing what was needed down to just wheat and yeast and surprise, it seems to work the best! No sugar, no salt, and even then, I have reduced the amount of yeast.

I made my own small pizza last night and it was great.
I think it's great for Panera to do this. It's easy to be snarky, but I think if you go to most of your dozens of nearby cafes on Broadway and scrutinize their supply chain not all of them are locally sourcing their roast beef from grain fed cattle. Many of them are selling what Sysco delivers. It's a good thing for fast food chains like Panera and Chipotle to concentrate on the quality of their ingredients. It will move not just other fast food chains, but also make it easier for more local outlets to carry more natural foods.

I went to Hitchcock in Winslow and had a very nice farm to table meal a couple weeks ago. I heartily recommend it, but it wasn't cheap.
Admit it - you know you really want a Victoria's Secret on Broadway... and a Cinnabon for all the stoners...
@10: The inevitable conclusion? Enjoy your matzah.
@13, it's still chametz at this point. If indeed he actually did what he says, which is doubtful.
@7, Broadway used to have a Burger King, Hot Topic, Gap, Taco Bell, Jack in the Box, Pay Less Shoe Store, Baskin Robbins, there was a KFC on Pike.
@14: He said he reduced the amount of yeast. Extrapolating from that...