Mayor Ed Murray: "For the Third Time In a Week, Seattle Has Suffered a Devastating Loss of Life as a Result of Guns."

Thirty-Seven Thousand Dollars And Counting: That's how much people have donated to an online fundraiser page dedicated to SPU hero Jon Meis. There are an additional two donation pages apparently set up for victims of Thursday's shootings here and here.

Are Oregon Sea Stars Going Extinct? Experts are confounded by what seems to be an epidemic sweeping the Oregon coastline, which causes the animals to dissolve and die.

Climate Change Claims World War Two Graves: The foreign minister of the Marshall Islands says twenty-six skeletons, believed to be of Japanese soldiers, have washed up on Santo Island, along with unexploded bombs. "There are coffins and dead people being washed away from graves. It's that serious."

Benificent Border Patrol: Mayor Arturo Garino of Nogales, Arizona: "I have all the faith in the world as mayor and as a citizen of Nogales that our Border Patrol is doing the best and the most kind and humane thing with the children."

A Dozen Bombs In One Day Kill Sixty People: Imagine. Where? Iraq.

Uber Is Valued At How Much? Investors now estimate the company is worth $17 billion. The Guardian offers this pithy quote from analyst Sam Hamadeh:

"Uber's uber-valuation is a stretch, given Uber's numerous legal and regulatory challenges not fully discounted in Uber's $17bn valuation. Much of Uber's business is in fact contrary to a matrix of laws, speaking as an attorney. VCs are investing in the ‘sharing economy’ will soon encounter the ‘regulated economy’.”

"Put your hands together for Walmart, guys, for making the world a happier place." Pharrell happily performed "Happy" for Wal-Mart shareholders, and noted douchebag Robin Thicke gave them a show too. One suspects they were paid more than the minimum wage for the work they put in.

Ruling Monarchies and Militaries:
Protests against the former in Spain; "happiness" campaigns designed to mask a clampdown on dissent by the latter in Thailand.

Shitty Internet Comments Make Readers Think Content Is Shittier: That's the suggestion, at least, from a cursory, unscientific study by The Atlantic's Adam Felder.

Horizontal Socialism: Does it work?

Sir Mix-A-Lot and Seattle Symphony. Enjoy: