Bill Hunt at home-video blog The Digital Bits writes:

...some of you have been asking why your pre-orders for select Warner Bros, Paramount catalog, Viz Media (and other Warner-distributed) titles have been suspended. We’ve learned through industry sources that Warner Home Video and are in the middle of negotiations on a new contract, so pre-orders on Warner titles have been suspended until a deal is reached. Hopefully, the situation will be resolved soon.

On Tuesday June 17, The Lego Movie will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray. You can't pre-order either version of the movie on Amazon right now. In case I wasn't clear enough in my story about Amazon boycotts, this is a standard "bargaining" technique from Amazon. If a vendor doesn't give them the kind of discounts they demand, they block their customers' access to that vendor's products. In short, Amazon places these discounts over their customers' needs.

If you're looking to buy a hard copy of The Lego Movie on the day it's released, don't turn to Amazon. They don't want to help you. Instead, Scarecrow Video will be selling copies of the movie. They're always happy to help.