Exciting news for those of us who were fans of indie, emo, and melodic hardcore in the ’90s (you know, back when those genres labels meant anything): JADE TREE HAS POSTED THEIR ENTIRE CATALOG ON BANDCAMP! The label, founded in 1990, released so many albums that shaped who I am today. Lifetime! Challenger! Avail! The Promise Ring! OH MY GOD MY HEAD IS GOING TO EXPLO*BOOM*!

For real, though, I don't even know where to start when going through and trying to pick favorites from the dozens and dozens of records that just got unleashed. A lot of them I still have, and still listen to on a regular basis, but many of them have gone missing over the years, between moving a number of times, being broke and having to sell CDs, and loaning them to jerks who never returned them. I am going to spend the whole weekend listening and getting nostalgic.

And if you already think you have your favorite Jade Tree albums, here are just a few songs from records that I think didn't get the praise they deserved. They're not often mentioned when people talk about the label's more obvious successes. You should definitely check them out and consider purchasing them now that they're streaming for free: