Even if you're not a cat owner yourself, chances are you've probably seen your fair share of odd feline behavior this year. If you've spent any time online, you're aware that cats have achieved an unprecedented level of visibility, whether it's the latest cat news story going viral, or the media presence of bona-fide celebrities like Maru and Grumpy Cat. However, if you're looking for some in-person, species-defying excitement, the return of the Amazing Acro-Cats to Seattle could be the cat event of your year.

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A veteran animal trainer, Samantha Martin first developed the Amazing Acro-Cats to keep her show cats mentally sharp in between television, film, and advertising jobs. Eventually, the show took on a life of its own in her home base of Chicago, and Martin began taking the circus event on tour across the country. Beyond the cuteness factor, one reason the show has become so popular in the last few years is because it challenges our biggest assumptions about cats: They are too independent, too uncooperative, and perhaps too smart to ever take orders from a human.

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