Making that subject line all the sweeter: Lucky Them's local home is the Northwest Film Forum, an organization with a deep connection to writer, director, and Stranger Genius Award winner for film Megan Griffiths.

About Lucky Them: As the trailer above shows, it's a shaggy indie dramedy and a stylistic departure for Griffiths. The best parts of this attractive and enjoyable movie involve the performance of Toni Collette, who boldly inhabits every spiky corner of her character, and the confident direction of Griffiths, who makes sure Lucky Them is a Seattle movie set in a Seattle that residents will recognize. The movie's music scenes, in particular, are a small marvel, favoring the physical realities of working musicians in actual rooms over romantically idealized performances. (Also, it's insane how happy seeing Amy Seimetz back behind a diner counter made me.) And somewhere near the end, Toni Collette's performance zooms to the heights of Streepian brilliance, in a scene that will rank as a highlight of her career.

Opening weekend bonus:

Post-screening discussions with cast and crew including director Megan Griffiths, costume designer Rebecca Luke, production designer John Lavin, and co-producer Lacey Leavitt on Friday (8pm & 10pm show, hosted by Hannah Levin), Saturday (7pm show) and Sunday (7pm show)!

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