1. As a protest against Amazon's ongoing battle against Hachette, Stephen Colbert wants to land Edan Lepucki's upcoming Hachette novel California on the New York Times bestseller list.

You can buy California from your local bookseller by going to Indiebound.org.

2. There's a great interview with David Sedaris about Amazon at the Parnassus Books Blog. His quote about the beauty and charm of independent booksellers is making the rounds on the internet, but I also really like his explanation for why underpricing e-books hurts the quality of books:

Amazon wants to drastically reduce the amount they charge for e-books. In order for that to happen, they need my publisher to make concessions. My publisher, quite understandably, is resisting, and I’m behind them 100%. Lots of worthy people work at Little, Brown. I might write my books, but my editor’s the one who makes them readable. The design department makes you want to pick them up. The publicists trick you into buying them. Then there’s the sales department, the lawyers (hooray), the audio team, on and on. Why are these people less worthy than the people who work for Jeff Bezos? Why should they lose their jobs just so Amazon can further cut their costs? Is $3 or however much they currently charge, really too much to pay for an e-book?

3. Don't forget: If you want to pre-order J.K. Rowling's newest Robert Galbraith novel, local independent bookshop Third Place Books is offering a 20% discount on the book, and they're promising to hand-deliver the book to you next Thursday.