This amazing press release has more twists and turns than a roller coaster:

Hi David,

It’s the great debate— who’s the better driver? Mom or Dad? This Father’s Day, dads will love to hear in a recent national survey 63% of adult children say Dad’s a better driver than Mom! Talk about the perfect Father’s Day gift for Dad!

However, if adult children had to take away Dad’s car keys because they feel he’s unsafe to drive, many fear Dad would get so angry he’d cut them out of the will.

The new national poll, commissioned by Visiting Angels, one of our nation’s largest in-home senior care companies with offices in your area, reveals 66% of adult children polled say it will be MORE DIFFICULT to have the car keys conversation with Dad than with Mom. And, 3 out of 4 adult children believe Dad will be MORE UPSET than Mom if he can’t drive anymore.

The survey reveals more than half (55%) of adult children would prefer their sibling/s have the car keys conversation with their parents. 58-year-old Jeff Cooper, of Phoenix, was nominated by his two sisters to have the dreaded car keys conversation … and it didn’t go so well. Read more below about the extreme lengths Jeff had to go to to take away his dad’s car keys.

The solution to this dreaded talk with Dad? Visiting Angels created a Senior Driving Safety program that can help families address this issue without causing conflict. I’d love to set up an interview with local senior care experts and possibly local families who, like Jeff Cooper, have had or are about to have this tough conversation with their dad.

It sounds like a wonderful service. But that lead-in makes my head spin.