Well, that's it. The NHL season has ended and the Kings have won the Stanley Cup for the second time in three years. Friday's game was an intense, perfect example of why I love hockey, especially playoff hockey.

The Kings were up 3-1 in the seven game series, and the Rangers come out strong, scoring first and skating with a lot of speed. The momentum shifted, though, after a BULLSHIT tripping call that put the Kings on the power play, allowing them to tie the game 2-2. The game went into double sudden death overtime. If the Kings scored, it was all over. If the Rangers scored, they survived another day. There were so many heart-stopping shots that hit the goalpost and the Rangers got a couple of really intense power plays that were skillfully killed off by the Kings. I'm not even really emotionally invested in either of these teams but I was still yelling at the screen and jumping around the room!

Here's how it all ended:

Yeah, I wanted the Rangers to take it, but at least it wasn't Chicago, right?

Anyway, now what am I supposed to do? I face this problem every summer. I'm sure every sports fan has this problem. Once the thing that sucked up a fairly decent amount of your time goes away, what do you do with that extra time? I know the World Cup is happening, but I don't really know anything about soccer, and the NBA's season is over, too, so it's too late to jump on that bandwagon.

That said, the Mariners, I'm told, are doing really well this season despite dealing with a lot of injuries. Maybe I will be a fair-weather baseball fan! Or, does anyone want to give me a World Cup primer? Are there vuvuzelas this year? I hate vuvuzelas.