In Culture News: Frankenstein, Terry Richardson, Sneaker Manufacturers, and Other Monsters


Do an all-comics issue!

For the umpteenth time I recall wistfully when at least the last couple pages of the stranger were all comics...
Ugh, please don't read the New York article. Go check out Jezebel's take down of it instead:…
So sad about Ultra Violet. These kids today are thirsty to be legendary and they don’t even know how it’s done right.
Wait, these models went to a Terry Richardson photo shoot and were surprised he was liked sex?
..and before you all whine about Terry Richardson having "power" over these models, remember, you people didn't give a shit when Clinton did this to women he had power over.
@4 and 5,

His behavior doesn't even pass muster in the porn industry where expectations are spelled out before contracts are signed and people get naked. When a "respected" photographer acts skeevier than a fucking pornographer, that's a problem.
@6 but when he's a governor or president, squirt away!
I cannot come up with a scenario in which that bell hooks thing would work naturally. If you're giving someone your phone number and want them to contact you in the future, you have them hand you their phone and you send your own number a text or a call. I can only assume that the people who came up with this system have never been asked for their phone number, or they'd know that.
@2 My recommendation is to read the excellent Jezebel articles first, then read the New York magazine article. The NY mag article is a good example of someone hiring a PR firm, who then goes to a magazine and promises access to their client. Besides, the bullshit spun in the New York magazine article is pretty high, given that Terry Richardson can't deny the sexual harassment and the sexual assault that took place...

I want Stanley Milgrim branded New Balances.
@8 i realized that too, and got sad about it, until i realized that my real-time feminist takedowns are probably way more effective. now i just use the number to pretend that bell hooks is my really inspirational friend.
Can't we just wait for the 200th anniversary to celebrate Frankenstein? Is there anything significant about 198th?
#9: I dunno, he came off as pretty sleazy in the NY Mag article, even with the sob story background. I think it's a better work (even despite the PR aspect) because it tries to find the balance, is marginally sympathetic, and still communicates the idea that he crossed the line and is a gross motherfucker. To me that's the difference between journalism and editorial writing. I could go read a "takedown," or I can read the guy taking himself down to a journalist with access. Sometimes listening to all sides is more effective in showing how one side is wrong.
I agree with @13. Balanced writing makes Richardson look even skeezier, really.