This morning saw some actual Benghazi news, as opposed to the typical Republican outrage over Benghazi:

U.S. Special Operations forces captured one of the suspected ringleaders of the terrorist attacks in Benghazi in a secret raid in Libya over the weekend, the first time one of the accused perpetrators of the 2012 assaults has been apprehended, according to U.S. officials.

But as Asawin Suebsaeng at Mother Jones notes, Republicans are responding to this Benghazi news with, well, typical Republican outrage. Here's ousted Teabagger Joe Walsh:

And here's ousted Teabagger Allen West, with a choice reply:

Yes, because nothing will obfuscate the truth about Benghazi like the capture and interrogation of a suspected Benghazi ringleader. Commenters at the National Review agree:

They have known for over a year where this guy was. This "capture" is about only one thing: the upcoming Benghazi hearings. Eager to see how this plays out.

And so do commenters at Breitbart:

what convenient timing! just in time for an embattled Hillary and Obama. nothing is a coincidence with this administration!

I'll close on this one, which is so perfect is has to be parody:

This is an obvious attempt by the usurper Obama to distract attention from Benghazi