Driver Who Hit and Killed a Cyclist in a Crosswalk in Kenmore Gets Off with a $175 Citation: Are you kidding me? That's it? There's a teenager in a crosswalk on his bicycle and two cars stop for him but a third truck barrels into him and kills him... and that's the penalty? The dead teenager's mother told Q13, "It’s an insult to us that a $175 dollar ticket is what the city and state feels is the penalty for killing a child in the crosswalk." His father said, "I expect a $175 dollar ticket if I run a stop sign or fail to feed the meter, but if I kill somebody I’m surprised that’s all there is." KOMO reports, "Officials from the King County Prosecutor's Office say they couldn't pursue a vehicular homicide charge because there was no evidence that speed, drugs or alcohol contributed to the crash."

Amazon's New Fire Could Basically Burn Down Brick-and-Mortar Retail Stores: "The Fire Phone includes an app called Firefly that helps users identify things they point their cameras at... If it's an item Amazon sells, Firefly will let you click to buy it... This should terrify brick and mortar retailers. They have long worried about 'showrooming,' the practice where customers will find a product in a physical store... but then order it from Amazon where the price is lower...But Firefly promises to make the process effortless."

Amazon Is Still Screwing Over Authors, Including J. K. Rowling: "Try pointing the Amazon Fire phone at J.K. Rowling's new novel The Silkworm, and see what happens."

Seattle Times Bans the Use of the Word "Redskins": "The most controversial name in sports won’t appear again in The Seattle Times’ print edition or on the home pages as long as I am sports editor," Don Shelton writes. He goes on to use the word three times, but explains: "We'll allow the name in stories like this that deal with the controversy."

Seahawks Fight with Each Other: Like seagulls fighting over a French fry.

American Apparel Fires Its Chief Executive: This guy has been making headlines for years, and the board of directors has had it. So what did he do? No one's talking. The "alleged problems did not appear to be criminal in nature but involved his personal conduct with women and poor judgment," said a source," to the Los Angeles Times.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Asks for His Trial in Boston Marathon Bombing to Be Moved Out of State: Because of what his lawyers call "an overwhelming presumption of guilt in the District of Massachusetts."

4.5 Million Americans: Who didn't have health care before do now.

St. Louis Post Dispatch Drops George Will as a Columnist: True story—my great grandfather was the managing editor of the St. Louis Post Dispatch. He died before I was born. Anyway, whoever runs that place now, nice work! "The change has been under consideration for several months, but a column published June 5, in which Mr. Will suggested that sexual assault victims on college campuses enjoy a privileged status, made the decision easier. The column was offensive and inaccurate; we apologize for publishing it."

A Bunch of Bigots Are Marching on Washington Today to Demand "Traditional" Marriage: And a bunch of hilarious people are hijacking their hashtag. You should too! Tweet the gayest photo you have with the hashtag #March4Marriage now!