• Brooklyn Benjestorf

Name: Jermaine

Where: The Whale Wins

Buy Him A Shot Of: Japanese whisky and a cheap beer, preferably Rainier. “It’s the most expensive thing, and also, it’s the best,” Jermaine says.

Ask Him To Make You A: “I make sours really well. I worked at Barrio for like three years so I can make margaritas really well. I like making Pisco Sours. I like making Old Fashions—pretty much all of those standards are fun. But, if you want a treat? Ask me to make a Sazerac. It’s one of my favorite drinks.”

What He’s Doing When He’s Not At The Bar: “Always riding bikes. And drinking beer. I’m no longer a student, so that’s awesome. I graduated on Sunday! And yeah, I just rides bikes a lot and workout, drink a lot of beer. I like riding to Bothell, there’s a West Seattle ride that I do, I like going to Mercer Island, I like going around Lake Washington...I like riding bikes a lot.”

Words To Live By: “Drink drink hodala. It’s a Taiwanese proverb which means 'to the bottom'. What that means is whatever drink is in your hand, you have to finish. That’s why they’ll actually drink beers in small glasses, which is pretty cool.”