Emily Nokes: "In a few hours, I'm heading to the Solstice Fair in Fremont! Built to Spill will be there, and maybe a couple nudies? Tomorrow is Men's Rights-a-Palooza on Capitol Hill with bands and art and rad ladies/allies against the goddamn patriarchy. After that, I might hit up LOVETUNNEL's Future Unfolding queer arts showcase and after-party. Basically, this weekend is going to include a lot of dancing. On Sunday, I am going to sleep the entire day and maybe try to finish the Game of Thrones episode I've been on for two weeks."

Christopher Frizzelle: "I'm going to the Fremont Solstice Parade. Best parade in the city. No words allowed—no corporate logos, no slogans. It ends up being a lot more visual/creative/colorful than any other parade in town. Plus, right at the start, naked people."

Dan Savage: "I'm giving a speech in Cleveland on Saturday afternoon and going to see Obvious Child in Los Angeles on Saturday night—all thanks to the miracle of modern air travel."

Paul Constant: "I hope to get out to local author Tom Nissley's brand-new Phinney Books for its grand opening weekend. Besides that, I'm going to spend time with friends and live through the weird depression I feel every year on June 21st when it occurs to me that the days are getting shorter from then on out. I may be the only person in the world to experience Reverse Seasonal Affective Disorder."

Charles Mudede: "I plan to visit El Quetzal, a Mexican restaurant on Beacon Hill, for one reason: fish tacos. I have yet to find another restaurant in Seattle that has better fish tacos. I think the secret to El Quetzal's success is the use of thick apple slices, but I could be wrong. I also plan to read the first translation of Gilles Deleuze's course on Jean-Jacques Rousseau called A Politics of Things."

Dave Segal: "Saturday I hope to see Alejandro Jodorowsky’s latest film, The Dance of Reality, at the Grand Illusion. If it’s half as fucked up as The Holy Mountain or El Topo, I’ll be satisfied. Sunday I’m going to Triple Door to watch the Yardbirds run through some of the best blues/garage/psych-rock songs ever. Looks like old people are ruling my weekend."

Bethany Jean Clement: "I've been riding my bike to Add-a-Ball in Fremont every weekend for the past three weeks... TRY TO STOP ME. Miscellaneous secret investigatory eating will happen. The official drink of the weekend is the Pimm's cup (note that the Imbibe recipe linked right there is flawed: You should use Schweppes Bitter Lemon, not ginger ale and lemon juice, and it should have a nice big spear of cucumber in it, not a delicate little twirl, and I also like a sprig of mint). Also, USA in the World Cup on Sunday! GO USA!!!!"