WHAT HAPPENED? Egypts democratic uprising: co-opted by the military and in tatters.

Shooting at 4th and Jackson: Police received reports of gunfire at around midnight on Sunday and found a dead man nearby who may be connected to the gunshots. Congratulations Seattle, you made it about two weeks without a fatal shooting. The last one took the life of 27 year old Mohamed Osman, nicknamed Diiyeesha, on June 7 in the International District, two days after the shooting at Seattle Pacific University.

Gay Marriage Is Like Polygamy: ...according to Pedro Celis, the GOP candidate running against Democratic incumbent Suzan DelBene in Washington's first congressional district (stretching from Redmond to Bellingham). "Is this marriage or not? Polygamy—is it fine or not? It's a religion thing," Celis said at a candidate's forum.

Egypt: Today is a "dark day for media freedom," as three Al Jazeera reporters are sentenced in a sham trial to 7-10 years in jail for allegedly aiding the Muslim Brotherhood and disseminating "false news." The New York Times reports:

In a potentially embarrassing turn for the Obama administration, the verdict came a day after Secretary of State John Kerry visited Cairo in a show of renewed partnership with the government of President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, the former general who led the military takeover here last summer. Declaring that the Egyptian president “gave me a very strong sense of his commitment” to “a re-evaluation of human rights legislation” and “a re-evaluation of the judicial process,” Mr. Kerry expressed confidence that Washington would quickly resume the $1.3 billion a year in military aid to Egypt that the administration had partially suspended after the takeover.

Iraq: One quarter of Iraq's military is seen as "combat ineffective" by the US military.

50,000 People: ...marched against austerity in England yesterday! And the BBC didn't notice.

Detroit: Activists are appealing to the UN Special Rapporteur on the right to drinking water-they have a rapporteur for everything—for help as the city of Detroit threatens to shut off water for 3,000 customers who are behind on payments. "The groups accuse DWSD of charging unaffordable rates to Detroit citizens, and placing the burden of the city's fleeing tax base on its poorest residents."

#BringBackOurGirls: Remember that? The Nigerian government has concluded its inquiry into the hundreds of girls kidnapped by Boko Haram—few of the girls have been rescued.

Shit Is Going Down In Israel: "Increasingly, Israeli troops entering towns and refugee camps are met by crowds of Palestinian stone-throwers...Eleven human rights groups urged the Israeli military on Sunday to refrain from collective punishment of the Palestinian population."

(Trigger warning—sexual assault:)

Prosecutors Say "Mayor of Aurora" Drugged and Raped Sex Workers: Laughn Elliott Doescher assaulted the women while they were comatose in his motorhome, according to prosecutors. Real Change wrote about Doescher back in 2012.